How These 10 Yogis Use Reels + TikTok to Share Their Practice

Forget YouTube, TikTok and IG Reels are a new hub for yoga—a space to learn, laugh, and connect with the community. Here’s how 10 teachers are using these new platforms to spread their yoga knowledge and inspirational messages.

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Over the past year, we have had to change how we practice, interact with the yoga community and share our journey with others. Enter Instagram Reels and TikToks, apps for making and sharing very short videos (up to 60 seconds on TikTok, 30 seconds on IG Reels). Check out how these ten yogis are using Reels and TikTok to create a virtual studio, vibe space, or hang-out for an engaged audience.

Juanita Borges | Holistic Wellness Entrepreneur

How to stay connected with Juanita:
Instagram: @thecaramelyogi
TikTok: @thecaramelyogi
Website: Caramelyoga.com

Janice Liou | Yoga + Wellness Online Business Coach

How to stay connected with Janice:
Instagram: @janiceliou @omlifeliving @janiceliou.coaching
TikTok: @janiceliou
Website: Janiceliou.ac-page.com/OLC-newsletter

Tiffany Crociani | Safe Space for Fats to Practice Yoga

How to stay connected with Crociani:
Instagram: @tiffanycroww
TikTok: @tiffanycroww
Website: Beacons.page/tiffanycroww/

Bhavna | RYT 200 Yoga Teacher

How to stay connected with Bhavna:
Instagram: @bhavcat @blackswanyogahouston @duohouston
Podcast Co-Host: @theunexpectedgurus

Susanna Barkataki | Indian Yoga Unity Activist

How to stay connected with Susanna:
Instagram: @susannabarkataki
TikTok: @susannabarkataki

Martina Rando | Author of Smart Yoga and Creator of Ready Set Yoga

How to stay connected with Martina:
Instagram: @martina__rando
TikTok: @martina__rando
Website: Martinarando.com

Tie Simpson | The Mindful Living Maven⁣⁣

How to stay connected with Tie:
Instagram: @hippie_heathen
TikTok: @hippie_heathen
Website: Linktr.ee/hippie_heathen

Leucas Miller (he/him) | QTPOC 200RYT⁣⁣

How to stay connected with Leucas:
Instagram: @leucasloves
Website: Leucasloves.com

Flo Niedhammer | Yoga Teacher + Digital Nomad⁣⁣

How to stay connected with Flo:
Instagram: @flo.yoga
Website: Breatheandflow.org

DeAndre Sinette | Sharing Teachings on How to Be a Mindful Human without Dogma

How to stay connected with DeAndre:
Instagram: @mindfuldeandre
Website: Fiton.app/deandre/