Meet Jaysea DeVoe: The Youngest Yoga Teacher

This teen yoga teacher is taking her practice to the next level, all before she enters high school. Read all about her budding career here.

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Jaysea DeVoe, teen yoga teacher, is taking her practice to the next level, all before she enters high school.

Only once, so far, has a student been stunned when she walked into 13-year-old Jaysea DeVoe’s yoga class. “She said, ‘What? How old are you?’ but then rolled out her mat,” says DeVoe, who may be the youngest female yoga teacher in the country. Devoe earned her certification when she was 12, and teaches a Tuesday-evening family yoga class at the Bergamot Spa in Encinitas, California. “At first I wanted to teach kids my age and younger, but my mom and dad said, ‘We really want to take your class,’” says DeVoe. She teaches vinyasa flow to “keep the energy moving,” but in her own practice prefers inversions and a daily candlelight meditation—the glow makes it easier to focus. Being a tweener (now a teen) and a yogi has helped her maintain perspective when she encounters mean-girl bullying typical for that age. “Yoga teaches you to take a break, step back, and relax in the present moment,” she says. DeVoe’s classes at the spa are donation based, and she reinvests the money she earns into her practice. This past summer, her earnings paid for an SUP teacher training, likely making her the world’s youngest SUP yoga instructor. Next on her agenda? Teaching yoga on the water—falling into the waves while practicing, she says, can help students find courage to take risks in the studio.

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