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Mourning a Miscarriage


Read Gurmukh's reply:

Dear Jody,

The most effective healer is time. Give yourself permission to take time to grieve, and don’t stop the tears and emotions until you’re ready—they're a natural response. Supplement your grieving with prayer and forgiveness for yourself, knowing you did nothing wrong to cause this to happen. Miscarriage is God’s way of taking from us that which isn’t perfect. As you talk with friends and acquaintances, you’ll be surprised to learn how many of us have also had miscarriages.

Physiologically, your body will make a transition from pregnancy hormones to non-pregnancy hormones, and as these chemicals affect your mind, you’ll be going through emotional changes as well. Walking outdoors in nature and talking with your partner and uplifting friends will help you get through this challenging time. If you’ve not yet added meditation to your practice, now is the time to start. Please do the meditation described in Cross-Heart Kirtan Kriya. This will help heal and release the pain.

Take solace in knowing that you can get pregnant—and statistically, the next pregnancy is likely to hold. When your doctor tells you that you’re physically ready, and you feel emotionally ready, begin the pregnancy journey again.