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4 Ways to Attract + Retain Students

Make sure new students get the most positive first impression of your studio—and come back.
Giselle Mari teaching half moon pose

You've held the open house, offered a special deal on Groupon, and defined your target market to focus your promotional efforts. Now what? It takes more than a free class or a special one-time rate to get newer students to continue coming back to your studio. People are human, and we sometimes need a little more than one opportunity to get us over our own invisible barriers into new territory. Take the time to map out your ideal new client experience and train your staff on it. Just a little time and training goes a long way. Your new clients will thank you and so will your bottom line.

Sell an Introductory Offer Let your staff know that everyone should purchase an introductory offer during their first visit. It should be the most cost-effective option and should give your clients the opportunity to experience the benefits of your services more than once. The best intro offers are a month long in duration, such as 30 days of unlimited classes for $70. Market this offer on the front page of your website, on your print collateral, and other marketing vehicles.

Upsell to a New Deal A week after the introductory offer is purchased, send a follow up e-mail letting your new client know about an upsell offer. This is a slightly discounted service or membership that is the logical next step for them to become a regular customer. In an ideal world, this would be a monthly membership, or another larger service package at a discounted rate, which is available to new students only to purchase before the introductory offer expires. Two weeks after the introductory offer is purchased, call your new clients regarding the Upsell Offer and for a general customer service check-in. You can have your front desk staff do this during down times throughout the day.

Give a Gentle Nudge Send a final e-mail reminding new students of the upsell offer and its expiration date no more than a month after the introduction offer was purchased. You could even sweeten the deal to make it more compelling.

Stay in Touch Remember to follow up further down the road. It takes five times more effort and expense to gain a new client than to retain one that's already walked through the door. Send a follow up e-mail if they don't come back in 60 days or more.

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