Postures for High Blood Pressure

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Dear Debra,

When a student is on high blood pressure medication, I always suggest that you treat them as if they have high blood pressure. This is because their pressure is not actually reduced internally, but only appears to be reduced externally. In fact, their internal pressure is higher than it was prior to taking the medication. This can be proven (please do not do this) by taking a person who is on high blood pressure medication suddenly off the medication. What happens is that the pressure shoots up, usually way beyond what it was prior to the taking of medication. This means that the body, always seeking homeostasis, is fighting the medication constantly.

Please do no inversions with such students. And yes, Viparita Karani is considered such an inversion, all questions of medication aside. The alternative is Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose), done on bolsters, which is energizing for the kidneys and hence soothes the system, lowering high blood pressure.

As a side note, I should clarify that there are extreme cases in which high blood pressure medication is necessary. But most of the time it is overused, since high blood pressure can be brought down by changes in diet and lifestyle, and by an individualized series of postures done with pranic breathing.

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