Pregnancy and Teaching

I just found out that I am about six weeks pregnant, and I’m wondering how to continue teaching yoga while pregnant. Because I’ve done yoga through my other pregnancies, I am aware there are many poses I will not be able to do—but I’m not sure how to handle teaching.

We teach Ashtanga Yoga primarily, as well as Power/Vinyasa and more simple hatha classes. We are the only yoga studio in a small community—and we’re very popular—so we need to diversify. I don’t want to not be able to teach classes, but I’m also concerned about my own well-being.


Read Ana Forrest’s response:


Dear Jennifer,

Here are some ways to handle teaching while you’re pregnant:

  • Do verbal and touch corrections.
  • Do not lift a student’s weight at all for any reason. Use your more experienced students to demonstrate poses.
  • Do not put any pressure on your belly (such as lying on the floor or twisting into your thigh).
  • Do not hold your breath.
  • Do not do abdominal-strengthening exercises.

    Stay conscious of breathing while you teach. Inhale. Then, exhale slowly as you instruct your students.

In addition, be mindful of doing things that feed both you and your baby. In giving to others, you mustn’t deplete yourself. Finally, do (or continue) a steady yoga practice. Include lots of breath in Pranayama, but no holds or uddiyana bhanda.

When we are pregnant, we carry a very special energy charge. Your students will feel it and benefit from it, if you keep yourself healthy and fulfilled. Your students will be privilege to be in your and your baby’s presence. They are in the presence of the magic of creation—how amazing is that?