2 Simple Steps to Engage Clients

Learn how to get clients more engaged with yoga studio communications and social media.
Tips for promoting your yoga business

How do you engage your clients in your promotions? Are you simply sending out emails, or posting to your Facebook and Twitter pages with news, or are you inspiring clients to take action and even share your information with their friends?

Let's say you want to:

Increase the number of likes on your Facebook page

Sell off a product that is being discontinued

Get current customers to refer a friend

Entice clients to switch from a 5-class pass to a membership

Whatever your goal is, typically we ultimately want two things: We want our clients to read what we send, and we want them to take action.

Step 1: Get clients to read your messages

If we want our clients to engage with us more, it all starts with knowing them a little better. Using the information that you've gleaned about your client demographics, such as age range, where they live, and interests, begin posting messages that speak to these areas.

For example, if you find that many of your customers are single women between the ages of 30 and 35, host a special girls' night out event for clients who bring in a friend. If you find that many clients only take one type of class, invite them to try something different and give them a discount. By pairing your offers with messages that speak directly to them, you're far more likely to capture your clients' attention.

And if you haven't already done so, ask clients how they want you to communicate with them. Offer them options: Email, Facebook, Twitter. At the end of each month take a look at how many of your clients prefer communication in each category.

At the same time, ask them if they want to know about discounts. Facebook and Twitter are great places to post last-minute deals and promotions.

Step 2: Get clients to take action

"BUY Now. Try it. Sign Up. Contact Us." We've tried all the one-liners, why won't clients just do it? Usually we need to take another look at how we are presenting information. Often the call to action is buried somewhere in paragraphs of text. Customers are looking for simplicity. We want them to be able to take action without even reading the content completely. We can do this by using clear statements and imagery so simple that customers immediately know what to do.

Here are some possible solutions for specific goals:

Increase the number of likes on your Facebook page. Use the Facebook "Like" icon or other image (Facebook provides a few options" that visually encourage folks to "like" your page—from your website, blog or other social sites.

Sell off a product that is being discontinued. Sell your discontinued items as Sale! items, so clients are enticed to buy.

Get clients to refer a friend. Create button icons with the call to action stated clearly that clients can click on easily to sign up: "Refer a Friend" or "Sign Up Today."

Entice clients to switch from a 5-class pass to a membership. You can also use icons/buttons to emphasize the benefits of a certain action: "Save Money" or "Here is the Best Deal" or "Member Discounts."
Try these techniques and see if you notice better open rates and better click-through rates on your calls to action.

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