Are You Ready for Yoga Teacher Training?

Kathryn Budig answers, explaining there’s only one way to know when the time is right—and it has nothing to do with advanced asana.

Kathryn Budig explains there’s only one way to know when the time is right for YTT—and it has nothing to do with advanced asana.

Google “yoga teacher training” and pages upon pages of results will leave you not only scrolling for hours but likely overwhelmed and confused. It seems every studio and experienced teacher out there is offering a YTT now. In this weekly series, YJ LIVE! presenters answer your questions.

Although Kathryn Budig, who leads Aim True teacher trainings, wouldn’t change a thing about the program she enrolled in to step onto the teaching path, she offered up some pretty solid advice for those considering YTT.

Reconsider the Questions You’re Asking About Teacher Training

“I constantly hear from people who are curious about teacher training,” she says. “Students want to know if they are ‘advanced enough,’ thinking that they aren’t ready yet, that they need more knowledge before committing to a teacher training.”

If that’s your question too, the problem is it’s the wrong one. “That line of thinking makes me laugh since the whole point of a teacher training is to learn,” she says. “No one expects someone to waltz into training already knowing exactly what they’re doing—that defeats the purpose a bit, eh?”

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The Only Way to Know When You’re Ready for YTT

So what should you be asking yourself? “The only thing that truly matters as you prepare to take your first teacher training is your ability to commit,” she says. “Training is intense and draining, but also wildly rewarding. My advice: Don’t step into a teacher training if you’re at all wishy-washy. If you know deep down in your gut that you want to train—do it. Don’t let surface reasons or insecurities sway you. If teacher training is something that you’re casually tossing around, wait until you feel a strong desire in your soul. That’s the time to take the leap.”

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