Tara Stiles' Top 3 Takeaways From YJ LIVE

Strala Yoga founder Tara Stiles' three life lessons she learned from teaching at YJLIVE for the first time ever.
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Strala Yoga founder Tara Stiles, Yoga Journal's August cover model, presented at her first Yoga Journal LIVE! conference in San Diego last weekend, and came away feeling "energized, sensitized and fantastic." Here are three lessons she learned from three days packed with amazing yoga classes and good vibes.

Energy Is Everything

We are co-creating the world we live in with our thoughts, actions and energy. How we feel affects how everyone around us feels, and that rippled energy has the power to heal, expand and radiate us all. You know that super jazzed-up feeling of sparks shooting out of your head you get sometimes when you’re in a great mood? That happened all weekend because of the gathering of amazing vibes. Our energy is powerful on our own, and mega-powerful in numbers. I’m super grateful to have soaked up the collective awesome energy all weekend.

Reminder to Feel

One of the elements in leading Strala is allowing freedom for people to move how it feels great to move. Linger where it feels nice to linger. I’ve called this element "permission to move" for the last few years. The radiant group that participated in my Strala Intensive last Friday corrected me and said it feels much more like a "reminder to feel," and that is positive. I learned so much from that simple refinement in wording. Thank you, YJ LIVE!

Support Is All Around

The collective awesome vibes at YJ LIVE! provided an incredible sense of support for everyone that was there, and for everyone that will travel wherever the attendees and presenters head next. Support is now radiating in the world!

I had several friends that showed up at the conference to surprise me. They expressed how they have felt supported by me over the years. By supporting the classes I led at the conference, they made me feel uplifted and energized, too.

Thanks so much YJ LIVE! See you soon!



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