Savasana Dreaming

Read Aadil Palkhivala’s response:


Dear Noel,

The dreaming that your student is describing is called lucid dreaming, where one is in control of the dream and can guide it as one wishes, if one so wishes. Though this is an excellent form of control in sleep and can help erase a lot of past samskaras (thought patterns) and karma if properly guided, it is inappropriate for Savasana.

In Savasana, the student must not dream, but must move into the depths of herself, into the calm wisdom and light of the heart center. This is a state of exploration of inner consciousness, and not an escape, as dreaming can sometimes be. Dreaming can also be a release of subconscious tensions, and—depending on the purpose of your teaching—you may allow that type of dreaming so that the student can do some deep release.The exploration of inner-consciousness dreaming is evidenced by a calm expression on the student’s face, by the eyes turning downward (under the eyelids) and looking toward the heart center. When students are dreaming without consciousness, the eyes move and the eyeball ‘floats’. If this is happening, touch them gently and remind them to refocus on their breath.

Finally, ask your student if she feels refreshed and relaxed after her Savasana, more connected with her inner voice and inner innate wisdom. If the answer is yes, then perhaps she is not dreaming at all, but simply using that word to describe her inner exploration of herself.

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