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Save Your Local Yoga Studio

The coronavirus crisis has hit yoga studios hard. Here’s how you can help them weather the storm.

Spread the message and help us save local yoga studios.

As the global coronavirus pandemic spreads, yoga studios are hurting. They’ve had to cancel classes for the indefinite future. Studios are empty and teachers are trying to cobble together online classes in order to protect their customers and keep their local communities safe. But this puts them in a precarious financial position. Cash flow is rapidly disappearing, but studio owners have bills to pay, and for those who are still able to pay their teachers, payroll to meet.


Our local yoga studios give us so much. They are the place we go to share the energy and joy of our practice with our fellow yogis and teachers. They’re where we move together, meditate together, and breathe together. They are where we allow ourselves to be open, vulnerable, and fully present in our bodies and in our lives. Without them, our lives—and our practices—would be profoundly different.

The common translation for ‘yoga’ is ‘unity.’ And right now, we have to unite to help our local studios keep the lights on. All it takes is one simple action: buying gift cards, class packs, or credits. Visit your local studio’s website and offer these funds as a credit against your own future classes. Buy them yourself, your friends, as birthday or graduation gifts—anything. It’s a small act, but for your local studio, it will make all the difference. Because when all this social distancing is a distant memory, you’ll want a place to lay out your mat, share your practice, and once again feel the power that comes with being part of something larger than yourself.

Finally, please share this page and spread the hashtag #SaveYourLocalYogaStudio. When you buy a gift card, tag the studio, too. Our local studios are counting on us all.

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