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Mercury Retrograde Is Here During the Midst of Eclipse Season—These Six Yogis Will Help You Get Through The Chaos

These six yogis you should follow will help you stay in alignment with the stars during this chaotic time.

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Mercury Retrograde went into full effect July 7 and will be lingering around until July 31. While Mercury RX is usually doted as a time to avoid contractual agreements and long term commitments, is responsible for tech glitches and malfunctions, and is seen as a time that will wreck havoc over our lives, this is actually a great time for an inward journey and deep self-reflection. These six yogis you should follow will help you stay in alignment with the stars during this chaotic time.

1. Nina Yoga

“Cancer month, dig down in your roots! Cancer is the sign that connects us with our roots, our family and culture. now wonder why my consciousness got me there. Every person has a family tree, know it or not.Mine is very colorful, with different cultures and races interconnected in one body now. The richer the tree, the richer the personality I believe.

This month is an opportunity for us to know what makes us feel connected, belong and be part of s family, cause that’s what’s coming with LEO next. Out Identity. Family is the pre-set for us to create our personality and identity.

In order to go through that process of “becoming” & “to be who we are” fully and completely, we have to do a bit of work. First deconstruct yourself, start digging deep down inside. Learn who you are. You’ll find that you are not alone, you come from a family, a tree… so how is that tree? Is it healthy ? is it sick? Once we figure that out , then ask the same about culture. It represents me? not? Do I feel a part of it? not? Then about your country and at the very end, ask the same question about your race and then the human race. By honestly examining ourselves we can make some change for the better if necessary. With the eclipse a new cycle of six months has began relating to all this matters, now is the time to start moving to a different way. We are entering into a new space of possibilities and opportunities to change, individually and collectively. It’s been too long , too wrong.

Is obvious that things in the world need to change, now the time begins. Let’s do our work , lets learn who we really are and what we really want for us and the world. and this beautiful blue planet.”

2. Cameron Allen

“Astrology and yoga. I never really see them as separate, they are always in union, except when I’m trying to relate to others. ASTROLOGY IS YOGA from the perspective of my practice.

Reflecting on it through some of the limbs. Yama is the literal basis of how I practice astrology. Niyama is how I choose to attune to the true Self for myself. Sit over your chart in the morning, what is the energetic overlay for the day? Tap in by doing pranayama. I’ve been doing lunar breathing to align myself with Mercury being in Cancer conjunct the north node. Mercury can be the monkey mind, the north node can bring excess, and Cancer is ruled by the moon. Are we calm enough to think about our emotions and make choices from a space of emotional security during times in which safety doesn’t seem to exist? When the meditation is over I practice pratyahara and more pranayama. Laying down to do deep abdominal breathing while attuning myself to the energy of Mercury and Cancer even more. Cancer rules the stomach and Mercury rules the nervous system so I awaken the energetics within my being because I directly experience the lack of separation.

It has me thinking about astrology and yoga and how they are usually presented in pieces.

Most of the time when people think about yoga, they really mean asana yoga because in the mainstream it has been reduced to stretching practices that are fuel to our vanity which causes the opposite of what yoga truly is (from my understanding and perspective). Astrology is no different on some level, reducing people down to their sun sign when most do not even know what a rising sign is. I have no quarrel with this anymore because it hopefully is the prelude to a deepening process. But I do wish to extend an invitation to everyone to go tune in.

What are the 8 limbs of yoga?

Where were the stars when you were born?

Feeling thankful for the gnosis that pranayama is Mercury. Work your astral body.”

3. Yazamin Adibi

“Spirit never put a cap on your potential. So why would you? Spirit, the cosmos, and our body actively listen to every tiny thought, gesture, pattern and intention we whirl into the ether. New moons are potent for activation + initiations. SO If you had no limits (at all), no breaks, no holds, what would your process, outcome, and feelings of connecting to your dream self look like? Take one actual (tiny or big) step today in that direction. Then take another tomorrow , day after, day after. By the full moon (in 2 weeks) you’ll have cues on how to refine your process or intention. A lot of you already do this subconsciously.”

4. Astro Yogis

“I have chosen Sukhasana or, easy pose as the yoga pose to pair with the moons energy. This is one of my favorite poses and provides a place for me to close my eyes, look within and give myself that self love and care through prayer, reflection and meditation. In this pose I connect to the universe and my highest self, I honor myself and my journey and express all of my gratitude. This pose creates a sacred space for you to be, let be, and breathe. I invite you all to give this a try for 2-5 minutes. Sit in a comfortable crossed legged seated position (I am in an advanced expression of this pose here), you may sit on a pillow or bolster for added comfort. Lay your palms facing up on your knees to allow yourselves to receive the peaceful energy and simply connect to your breath. Focus on gratitude and let whatever comes, come.”

5. Elisa Rose

“In Cancer season, the theme being played out is allowing healthy boundaries for our sensitivities and emotions to arise and teach us/others what needs to be processed, experienced, or felt. But the patriarchal world we’ve been living in for generations has taught us to fear, disown, suppress, and apologize for our emotionality. And our BIG feelings are a part of who we are. Yes, they fluctuate and we are NOT the emotions themselves, BUT we do need to allow safe space to feel them through so they don’t become stuck in the body and nervous system recreating and recycling trauma pathways and patterns. AND those tend to come out like big ol’ zit THROUGH body symptoms and illness. When these symptoms arise, it’s a call from our soul/the universe to LISTEN and PAY ATTENTION so that you can realign yourself back to our innate wisdom, truth, and authenticity. To come back home to our wise + wild soul.

6. Destiny

“Ishvara Pranidhana | Surrender | Surrender to the divine. Know that you are always divinely guided. Trust that everything is always working out for you. You get to choose how you perceive this reality. Promise yourself that you will always perceive this reality in a way that feels good to you and then don’t break that promise.Whenever something “bad” happens remember that promise and remember that every is always working out for you. Now that spirit has everything planned out and even if you don’t understand right now everything that happens is truly divine and is always working out for your highest good. Everything really is all good. Believe that, breathe that, live that! Everything is all good. Everything is aligned. And so it is.”