Teaching with a Partner

How can I work with another teacher to teach asana classes? Do you have any tips?

Read Nicki Doane’s response:

Dear Iyan,

This question is close to my heart, as I have been teaching with my husband for many years now. It takes time to develop a flow with another person in the classroom. There is a definite art to allowing each other to have space in the room to teach. It is, however, a wonderful thing to do. The students benefit tremendously from having two teachers in the room.

You will need to be prepared to take some time to work out the dance of two people trying to talk in the class, and the art of letting someone else speak and waiting for your turn. The only way to do that is to do it! You have to connect with another teacher that you feel is in line with your own teaching style and philosophy first, then you should talk about how you each see a class unfolding and what kind of pacing you each like. Then you just have to go in and teach some classes together, and make it an ongoing practice to teach together. For example, maybe you teach a pose or a section of the class while the other teacher is quietly adjusting during that time.

Teaching together helps you develop a mutual respect for each other. Eventually you may find that you are able to finish each other’s sentences. Even if not, teaching together can be a rewarding experience.