The Business of Yoga: 5 Pro Hacks That’ll Get Your Yoga Studio Cleaner Than Ever

From mats to lockers, our experts share their 5 best tips to get your yoga studio clean—fast.

Studio owners, we feel you: You love doing yoga in your studio—but cleaning the studio? Not so much.

To be sure, keeping your yoga studio clean can be a relentless undertaking. Only two things will save from you from tidying fatigue: changing your mindset and dialing in your routine, says housekeeping coach Marla Cilley, author of the forthcoming book, The Chaos Cure, who recommends rethinking the negative connotations cleaning often triggers. Instead of making a big to-do out of cleaning, Cilley suggests transforming tidying into a series of bite-size chunks, easily dispensed and digested. “What can be done in a focused 15-minutes will astonish you,” says Cilley.

What’s more, if you approach cleaning as drudgery, it’s time to tweak your attitude, says Cilley. Instead of resenting the cleaning you have to do, think “cleaning honors me and my students,” she says. It’s the ultimate seva. Sprinkle in some devotion, and you may find cleaning mats brings you as much joy as being on one.

Here, Cilley and other experts share pro hacks to help you get every area of your studio cleaner—faster.

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5 Pro Hacks That’ll Get Your Yoga Studio Cleaner Than Ever