The Next Best Thing to Yoga Class?

Google Helpouts offer live video chatting with featured yoga teachers.

While online streaming and social media have made it easier than ever to connect with your favorite yoga teachers (often from thousands of miles away), it’s still not the same as a class environment where you can ask questions and get immediate feedback or adjustments of your poses.

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Enter Google Heloputs. Helpouts connects experts via live online video chat with people who want to learn a skill—from the best technique for applying eyeliner to cooking with chocolate to, you guessed it, perfecting your Downward-Facing Dog.

Tech-savvy yoga instructors are making themselves available for one-on-one video instruction to Google + members. We didn't find any superstar yoga teachers listed, but there are some familiar names, including Google power yoga teacher Mark Gonzales, one of Yoga Journal's 2012 Talent Search winners.

Some Google Hangout advice is free, but most experts charge for their knowledge, with prices ranging from .75-$2 per minute. The Google Wallet app is required for transactions.