Welcoming Pregnant Newcomers


Read Gurmukh's reply:

Dear Sonja,

Yoga can be beneficial to even the most inexperienced mommies-to-be. In my 25 years as a teacher of The Khalsa Way pregnancy yoga, we have welcomed women in all stages of pregnancy. Sometimes women don’t find us until a month before they are due, and the experience still changes their delivery and their lives.

We always tell students, “Go at your own speed and listen to your body,” but I especially watch newcomers. If you are unsure of students’ abilities, I recommend that you make sure that all conditions in their pregnancy are healthy and that it’s fine with their doctors that they participate. Always end your class in meditation.

I lead a 60-hour certification course for instructors who are interested in teaching pregnancy yoga. It takes place in February at Golden Bridge in Los Angeles and in September on the East Coast at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York.