5 Ways to Make Your Home Yoga Friendly

In an ideal world, we would all
have a big studio space in our homes. We’d have a nice hardwood floor and a big
window that faces east out to our garden. We’d also wake up at 4:30am every
morning feeling energetic and happy to be alive, walk to our beautiful studio
and practice as we watch the sun rise.

This is not a reality for most of us. In
fact, I don’t know anyone with this set-up. Many people think that if they
don’t have the ideal space for a yoga practice in their homes that they can’t
practice at home. With a little creativity, you can make any space your yoga

Here are a few ways I’ve made my
home into a yoga-friendly environment.

1. Work with what you have. Most of
us don’t have an entire room we can dedicate to our yoga practice. I have a
dedicated corner in a spare bedroom that I also use as an office. Your practice
space doesn’t have to be anything fancy–all you need is enough room to stretch
out in Downward-Facing Dog.

2. Set aside a dedicated space.
While your space doesn’t have to be big or fancy, it does help to unroll your
mat in the same spot every time. When you get into the habit, it’s hard not to
walk past your yoga area without thinking about your practice. Even if you
don’t immediately stop what you’re doing for some mat time, you might breathe
deeper, relax your shoulders, and look forward to the next time you can

3. Put something inspiring in your
view. For some people this is an alter with a Buddha statue and pictures of your guru. I draw my inspiration from a bookcase full of my favorite books,
magazines, pictures, and other trinkets that remind me of why I do this practice.

4. Clear the energy. It might sound
a little woo-woo, but when something that stresses me out happens in my home
practice space, I like to clear the energy my using my tingshas (Tibetan chimes). I know other
people who use singing bowls or burn sage. You could accomplish the samething
by simply sitting down to meditate on positive thoughts.

5. Leave your shoes at the door.
I’m not a germophobe, so I’m not all that concerned about tracking germs from
outside into my home. I still love the ritual of removing my shoes before I
enter my practice space. It sets the tone for reverence and spirituality–which
can be hard to do at home.

Do you have a decked out yoga space? Do you have any
tips for the rest of us?