Amy Ippoliti Leaves Anusara

Another popular yoga teacher publicly leaves John Friend's flock.

Last week, Amy Ippoliti became the fourth in a series of Anusara teachers to break with the popular school founded by John Friend. Her departure announcement comes after teachers Elena Brower, Darren Rhodes, and Christina Sell all declared their independence from the Anusara pack in November.

“I have found myself no longer in alignment with the direction of the organization,” Ippoliti wrote on her blog.

Ippoliti, who is based in Colorado but who has been traveling internationally teaching Anusara Yoga, hasn’t expanded upon her decision, but so much change in Anusara community recently has left many wondering if there’s not more to the story.

Reactions to Ippoliti have been mixed. Comments on her blog were mostly supportive and offered congratulations, but there were some that expressed disappointment and confusion about why so many teachers are leaving the organization.

“I am disappointed and saddened with this current upheaval and feeling loss of community,” wrote commenter S.M. “It only leaves us to guess: what could Anusara be doing that’s no longer in alignment with something you and thousands of your students have invested in? We invested in you to teach us Anusara. Who’s next? I’m now afraid to sign up for anyone’s trainings.”

Does the recent chain of events change your opinion on Anusara?