Bank Branch Offers Yoga

An Oregon-based bank chain offers community activities, including yoga, in its stores.

If you’re like a lot of us, you switched over to online banking long ago. Why would you wait in line to make a transfer or open a new account when you can do the same thing in seconds from the comfort of your own home? While the convenience of online banking is great for the consumer, it turns out it’s not so good for banks who are noticing that fewer people are taking advantage of offerings such as CDs, high-interest credit cards, and other profitable (for banks) accounts that their branch managers and tellers are so good at talking people into.


What’s a bank to do? They could take a cue from Lululemon or Fred Segal and turn their stores into yoga studios to try to get their customers back into the branches!

Umpqua Holdings Corporation, based in Oregon, is leading the way in community banking. As a draw to get more customers in their doors they offer community events such as wine tastings, trivia contests, and yoga classes, reported Wall Street Journal’s Smart Money blog.

It’s an interesting idea, and it is a testament to the vast appeal of yoga if it can successfully be used as a tactic to entice people to bank branches. And with so many retailers offering yoga now, we wonder if it could be a growing trend?

Would you go to a bank for a yoga class?