Capitol Idea

Just when you thought there wasn’t any good news flowing forth
from Washington…it’s time for Yoga on the Mall!

The event–happening
on Saturday, May 15–is basically a ginormous group class led by teachers from participating D.C. studios.

Yoga Week organizers say no experience is necessary; just show up with your mat and some
snacks, and join the flow. The practice will be broken into consecutive 20-minute
sessions that become progressively more challenging as the day wears on. 

Since YOTM starts at 1:00 and ends at 5:00, you can make it your experience a
quickie or a real marathon. (And oh yeah, superstar teacher Shiva Rea will be on
hand to give you adjustments!) Hopefully the positive energy generated
will spill out toward Capitol Hill. Couldn’t we use a little more love in our
political environment?

–Hillari Dowdle