Farmville for Yogis?

A new Facebook game allows players to teach at and attend a virtual yoga retreat.

Yoga Retreat, a new online game available on Facebook, allows players to visit and teach at a virtual beachfront yoga retreat.


Like popular games Farmville and Sim City, in Yoga Retreat you earn currency to purchase items, gift your friends, and to visit others’ retreat spaces while you build out your own. Along the way, you “unlock” yoga poses and also virtues, such as such as practice, happiness, truth, purity, and generosity, and kindness.

Yoga Retreat was created by Tiina Zilliacus, the founder of Gajatri Studios, a well-being games company based in Helsinki, Finland, who is also a yoga teacher. Zilliacus said she wants the game to introduce yoga to people who enjoy playing online games, but might not know much about the practice of yoga.

“I believe that the elements in social games such as gifting and helping out friends match some concepts of yoga philosophy—how to live together with other people, even in the virtual world such as Yoga Retreat,” Zilliacus told Buzz. “So, these functionalities were easy to link both to the game and yoga elements of Yoga Retreat experience.”

There is a Beta version of the game up now here. The full game launches on Facebook Aug. 6.