Festival Pulls John Friend From Line-Up

Disgraced Anusara founder John Friend is cut from Wanderlust's 2012 festival lineup.

Wanderlust has pulled Anusara founder John Friend from its lineup this year, according to a statement released by the popular yoga-and-music festival franchise yesterday. “We’ve mutually determined that it is best for John to not teach at Wanderlust festivals in 2012 as he focuses on personal reflection, retreat, and reconnecting through smaller teaching events with his students,” the press release stated.

If you’ve already registered for Friend classes at Wanderlust, you may either choose a different session or wait to see who festival staff chooses to replace Friend. The teacher substitutions will be made by March 22.

In other Anusara news, the interim steering committee has announced plans to keep the Anusara community up to date on the organization’s newest developments through a new website, In the first post, which went up Wednesday, revealed that Michal Lichtman, who was named CEO of the organization Feb. 24, has declined the position. It also goes into detail about yet another new committee, a Leadership Committee that will be tasked with the resolution of the ethics process, finalization of the structural relationship with Anusara, Inc., establishment of the comittees that will make policy, coordinate the method by which the committees with be refreshed in the future, and review and implementation of communication methods throughout the community. Nominees for this new committee will be accepted through March 19. Read the full letter and sign up for regular updates here.