JadeYoga to Plant Millionth Tree Next Month

Planting a tree for every yoga mat sold, JadeYoga will hit an eco-friendly milestone early next month—1 million trees.

Planting a tree for every yoga mat sold, JadeYoga will hit an eco-friendly milestone early next month—1 million trees.

“We will hit 1,000,000 trees planted in early December and we have no plans to stop,” says JadeYoga President Dean Jerrehian. “As I used to be an attorney with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, it was important that our business was as environmentally responsible as possible. Making a mat made of natural rubber, a rapidly renewable resource, in the U.S. in compliance with U.S. environmental laws was a great start, but we decided we wanted to and could do more. So we decided to give back to the earth with every product sold. Since our mats come from trees, it made sense to give back to the earth by planting trees.”

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“Buy a Mat, Plant a Tree”

JadeYoga launched the “Buy a Mat, Plant a Tree” program in 2008 in partnership with Trees for the Future, a non-profit organization that initiates and supports agroforestry projects in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. “What we like about Trees for the Future is that they work with local communities on projects that are environmentally and economically sustainable,” says Jerrehian. “They are not about going in and dictating what they are going to do, doing it and walking away. They engage the local community, which leads to a project that can continue long after Trees for the Future has left. Trees for the Future works to develop and implement programs to improve living standards for the participants, by the careful management, rather than the exploitation, of our natural resources.”

Not only does JadeYoga make yoga mats and blocks from natural materials, they also endeavor to make their products in the U.S. (to the extent possible) to reduce the carbon footprint from transportation and to ensure compliance with U.S. environmental laws. And due to the popularity of the Buy a Mat, Plant a Tree program, JadeYoga has extended it to all their products, so no matter what you buy (a mat, a towel, a block, etc.), they will plant a tree.

“We hope that by spreading the word that businesses can do more than just make great products—they can do real social and environmental good—more businesses will follow suit,” says Jerrehian.

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Jade mats are available in three thicknesses (Travel – 1/8″, Professional – 3/16″ and Fusion – 5/16″), two lengths (68″ and 74″), two widths (24” and 28”) and a variety of colors. They retail for $60–135, depending on size. For more information visit