Karaoke Yoga

Love to sing? One yoga teacher is bringing her love of the open mic into her class.

Yoga teacher Jennifer Pastiloff wants her yoga classes to be joyful, fun, and have a sense of humor. Her lighthearted approach to her classes attracts lighthearted students. It’s not uncommon for her students to sing along with the music she plays in her classes, she says.

“I’m on a mission to spread joy and have people feel good,” Pastiloff tells Buzz. It occurred to her that a class mixing singing, dancing, and yoga would be the perfect way to do just that. She talked to her manager at Equinox Fitness Club, where a similar class that mixed singing and cycling had been successful, and Karaoke Yoga was born.

Complete with a screen for song lyrics and a DJ to help set the mood, Karaoke Yoga invites participants to sing, dance, move, and laugh together. It appeals to both yoga enthusiast and those who might not be serious yoga students, too, making it a great introduction to the practice.

While there are plenty of yoga poses incorporated into the class, it might look more like a dance party than a traditional yoga class, and that’s OK with Pastiloff. “I believe you need to have one dance party a day,” she says, noting that dance can be yoga because it can connect you to yourself and the world around you. This class isn’t about perfecting the traditional asana poses or technical alignment—it’s about letting loose and enjoying the moment.

While Karaoke Yoga isn’t on the regular schedule yet, the idea is catching on. The first class was last December, and was filmed by the Good Morning America show and earlier this week was featured on ABC 7 in Los Angeles. The next class is scheduled for August 12 at South Bay Equinox in LA.