Minneapolis’ Geeky Yoga

Photo: Ben Garvin, Pioneer Press


For most people the word geek doesn’t conjure up a picture of health and vitality. No, the stereotypical geek is thin and pale from all his or her time in doors in front of a computer. But that’s something that a group in Minneapolis is hoping to change.

Geek Physique is a popular group with a mission to get those geeky, techy/comic book/science fiction/role playing types away from their computer screens and involved in active pursuits like disc golf and (you guessed it!) yoga.

But this yoga has a geeky twist. Yoga Quest is a combination of yoga, role playing, and fan fiction, according to a recent article on The classes are built around a script with a theme like Harry Potter, Monty Python, or the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Someone narrates while Minneapolis yoga teacher Justine Mastin instructs poses based on the characters.

“A lot of yoga studios don’t like you to kid around,” says Geek Physique founder Kerry McCartney.

Kidding around is not only welcomed, but encouraged in Yoga Quest classes. It’s not uncommon for students to come dressed in costumes. They also moo in Cow Pose or meow in Cat Pose.

Of course, this isn’t the first time someone has gotten geeky on their yoga mats. Last month, we told you about a Star Wars-themed class in Portland with a similar objective, so it seems to be catching on. Have we stumbled upon a new trend?