Music for Yogis

Online yoga-music sites offer the best in kirtan, worldbeat, ambient, and fusion tunes for creating playlists for your yoga classes or personal practice.

As proven by the boom in the American kirtan market and by the recent popularity of music at yoga festivals everywhere, we yogis love to groove.

There are some very cool sites now offering downloadable music perfect for practice or just for creating a chill or upbeat tone on any occasion (running to Krishna Das‘ “Radhe Shyam,” anyone?). These sites have become popular with yoga teachers due to their ease in creating class playlists, but they’re great for any practitioner.

Here are our favorites:


This company features artists such as Deva Premal, Wah!, MC Yogi, Sean Johnson, and a lot more. You can purchase individual songs and albums, but we love the playlists by yoga teachers like guest blogger Derek Beres and Janet Stone with DJ Drez. What yogi wouldn’t want a download giftcard in his or her stocking? (Note: YogiTunes is offering YJ fans a free hour of music with the password code yogajournal.)


Curious what yoga teachers such as Kathryn Budig or Jill Miller listen to when they unroll their mats? You can check out their custom playlists on OmStream, another company specializing in music for yoga. We especially like the BhaktiFest mix!

Other sites with a decent selection of yoga music:

Spotify and Mog are subscription streaming sites (downloads available with some levels of subscriptions) that you sign up for through Facebook, allowing you to easily share music with your friends. Of course, iTunes, the grandaddy music download store of them all, has friends and foes, but for now, this is where you can download and include on playlists individual songs by yogi favorites like Krishna Das and Michael Franti.