Never Apologize

Yoga has taught Erica Rodefer Winters many things, but the most valuable lesson has been the realization that it's OK to be completely and unabashedly herself.

by Erica Rodefer Winters

I have learned a bajillion meaningful things from my yoga practice through the years. But nothing has been more valuable than when something finally clicked, and I realized it was OK to be completely, unapologetically me. It was so liberating when I simply stopped trying to people please and just started to speak and live what was true for me. That means embracing all my little quirks and flaws instead of hiding them. Can’t do Scorpion Pose? Who cares? Have a sweet tooth? We’re all working on something. That little freckle on my toe? It adds character (and gives me a point to direct my drishti during Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana).

That’s just the beginning.

I’ll never apologize for taking Child’s Pose when I need to rest.

I’ll never apologize for being a beginner at something—that means there’s room to learn.

I’ll never apologize for asking for clarification when something doesn’t make sense to me.

I’ll never apologize for asking for help when I need it.

I’ll never apologize for taking care of myself—even if that means saying no to obligations that don’t uplift me.

I’ll never apologize for saying what I mean, and meaning what I say.

I’ll never apologize for seeking contentment instead of upward mobility.

I’ll never apologize for choosing presence over planning.

I’ll never apologize for failing when I know I’ve done my best.

I’ll never apologize for rewarding myself with a cupcake when I’ve done my best.