Here’s How to Make Sure Yoga Journal’s Newsletters Land in Your Gmail Primary Inbox

Wondering why you aren't getting Yoga Journal emails anymore? Follow this guide below to get our newsletter out of your promotions folder and into your primary inbox in Gmail.

Your Yoga Journal newsletters might be hiding out in the promotions tab in Gmail. But don’t fret! It’s a quick fix and we’re here to help. 

Gmail Desktop Users

Here’s how to update your preferences on your desktop:

  1. Click on your “promotions” tab
  2. Find an email from Yoga Journal
  3. Click and grab the email
  4. While still holding down the mouse, drop the email into your “primary” tab

Gmail Mobile App Users


Here’s how to update your preference on your mobile Gmail app. 

1. Open our newsletter in the “Promotions” tab

2. Click the three dots in the upper righthand corner

3. Click “Move to” 

4. Select “Primary” 

Still having trouble? Email us at for help.