San Francisco Airport Gets Yoga Room

A new yoga room at San Francisco's International Airport takes the edge off air travel.

Airports are notoriously stressful. From the security lines to flight delays, just getting from Point A to Point B is often enough to cause even the calmest of travelers to unravel.

It doesn’t have to be this way—at least not if you’ve got a layover at San Francisco International Airport.

SFO just opened a the nation’s first airport yoga room, a dedicated studio for travelers to unroll their mats, unwind, meditate, stretch, or just be. The room is located in the heralded Terminal 2, a new section of the airport housing Virgin America and American Airlines, that was designed for sustainability and features locally sourced and healthful food vendors, among other decidedly California concessions. “When we began to remodel Terminal 2, one of our goals was not just to bring the glamour back to air travel, but to also make the entire experience less stressful and more enjoyable,” said Airport Director John L. Martin. A yoga practitioner for 18 years, Martin told KNTV’s Bob Redell that the idea came from a passenger’s suggestion.

The room is painted a soothing blue and has a floating wall (that “symbolizes a buoyant spirit and enlightened mind,” according to a press release), and Zen garden-inspired felt rocks will be added in the spring.

It sure does beat trying to squeeze in a pose or two in a very public lobby in front of your gate. We hope airports across the country will follow suit.

Would you use a yoga room at an airport?