Santa’s Yoga Routine

In this cute children's e-book, Santa adopts a yoga practice and finds it makes his job a lot easier.

The holidays can be a tough balance for parents who want to instill the practice of yoga in their kids without sacrificing the joys and wonder that can come with enjoying the traditions of the season. Some yogi parents might shy away from the commercialism of holiday gifts and indulgences of rich holiday desserts.

It doesn’t have to be this way, according to Sanga Yoga (, an organization that recently released a free children’s e-book that tells the story a gluttonous, cookie over-eating St. Nick transforming to a healthier version of Santa who incorporates yoga asanas into his day job (or night job in this instance). The best part? He doesn’t have to totally give up his cookies to live a more balanced life.

“Yoga is amazing because it can change your quality of life, even if you don’t make a commitment to radically change your daily activities,” the book’s author and illustrator Romi Walker, who is also a co-founder of Sanga Yoga, told Buzz. “We wanted to show how Santa could enjoy yoga as part of his routine without giving up being Santa — and he could even eat cookies!”

Get the e-book “Sana’s Christmas Routine” or a free e-card here.