Satan Doesn’t Live Here After All

Phew, these yogis aren’t possessed.


Republican candidate for Virginia lieutenant governor E.W. Jackson last week clarified his views on yoga and other topics, saying he doesn’t believe yoga leads to Satanism as had been widely reported following a National Review Online post that quoted from his 2008 book, Ten Commandments To An Extraordinary Life. In the book, Jackson wrote that the purpose of meditation is to “empty oneself” and that Satan is “happy to invade the empty vacuum of your soul and possess it.”

Jackson said the quotes had been taken out of context and distorted.

“I do not believe that yoga leads to Satanism,” he told a press conference. “One of my ministers is a yoga instructor. What I said was that Christian meditation does not involve emptying oneself but filling oneself … with the spirit of God. That is classic biblical Christianity.”

Jackson, a minister who was once a syndicated radio preacher, also came clean about experimenting with marijuana and other controlled substances during his youth, and shared that he once had to file for bankruptcy after a failed attempt to start a gospel radio station in Boston.