Silly Yoga Holiday Gifts

If you’re looking for serious holiday gift ideas for yoga practitioners you won’t be interested in this blog post. (See “Gifts of Love” in our December issue, or click here.) The following gifts are my favorite silly yoga holiday gifts. They really have very little to do with the practice of yoga, but they’re all cute and will put a smile on anyone’s face.

For example, these gingerbread men are awesome! I think part of what makes them so adorable is how wrong the alignment is. (Check out that Warrior I Pose.) To buy go here.

This is a magnetic pad of paper that actually hangs on my refrigerator. I’ve been making grocery lists, leaving notes to my husband, and using it as scratch paper for the last two years. It was a holiday gift from my mother-in-law two years ago. I still think it’s funny–in a really ironic sort of way.

To get one for the yogi you love, go here.

Since the holidays fall so close to New Year’s, a calendar is always a popular gift. Sure, you could go for a beautiful, awe-inspiring YJ calendar. Or you could get the pet lovers’ version.

There’s one for cat people …

… and dog people!

Can you top these? Please tell us all about the funniest or silliest yoga gift you’ve ever seen.