Springtime Yoga Practice

Now that spring is officially in bloom, Erica Rodefer Winters is adding poses into her practice that celebrate the season.

The sun is shining. There are flowers everywhere. Everything feels light and fresh, and new and beautiful. Spring is my favorite time of year. But I live in South Carolina, where spring comes early and turns into a hot, humid summer in the blink of an eye. This time last year, I was about 38 weeks pregnant and preoccupied with pondering if it was possible for my belly to literally burst. So this year, I have vowed to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible while the weather is still mild. I’m spending time in my garden planting flowers and strawberries. I’m taking lots of walks in the sunshine. And when I see a big, beautiful Azalea bush in full bloom, you better believe I’m walking past a little more slowly in an effort to fully appreciate its fleeting beauty.


I’m expressing my love for the season on my yoga mat, too. Some see spring as an opportunity for cleansing twists, but I have a slightly more literal approach. I practice each pose with renewed mindfulness—especially those poses that remind me of spring. Here are some of my favorite springtime poses.

Sun Salutations Longer days make it possible to enjoy the sun into the evening hours, so it feels lovely to amp up my practice of Sun Salutations this time of year. And since the season makes me feel naturally more energized, moving through a flowing practice helps me burn off some of that energy and feel more balanced.

Tree Pose I love visualizing the trees in my yard, with their branches reaching toward the sky, as I practice Tree Pose. A spring Vrkasana just has a different energy than an autumn or winter pose—so much more alive and active.

Flower Poses  Lotus is an obvious flower pose. But any pose that gives me the feeling of blossoming will do: Think arms spreading in Warrior II or hips opening in Garland Pose.

Rabbit PoseEaster has come and gone, but bunnies still remind me of spring. I would practice this one in the grass if there weren’t fire ants in my backyard!

What poses remind you of spring? Do you change your practice with the seasons?