Teacher Takes Message to Rooftop

Chelsea Roff knows that yoga can be a lifeline for people with eating disorders—she lived the experience. Today, at 24, she’s so determined to help others who are suffering that she has unrolled her mat on the roof of a Santa Monica building and plans to stay there until she raises enough money to launch her research program, Yoga for Eating Disorders, in treatment centers across the country.

Roff first launched an Indiegogo campaign on July 30 with a fundraising goal of $50,000, but with just a couple days left, has raised $30,000. The campaign will help Roff travel the country and teach at treatment centers and gather data, and launch an evidence-based study about yoga’s effectiveness in helping to help men and women struggling with these issues.

“This yoga mat saved my life, and I’m not getting off it until others have the same opportunity,” Roff said.

She climbed atop the roof yesterday morning, and has been livestreaming the whole thing at Supporters from the local yoga community have come out to lead classes with her and hold kirtans.

“I’m staying on the roof, and I’m waiting this out because I really believe in this project,” said Roff in a video update. “We need all 50 grand to do the evidence-based study, which is really really important to me—and I think it’s important to the world, too.”