The Return of John Friend

The disgraced founder of Anusara Yoga returns to teaching with a new practice called The Roots.

Almost a year after the public exodus of teachers from the Anusara Yoga community forewarned of a scandal that would soon bring down its founder, John Friend announces his return to teaching.


According to his website, in October Friend will begin teaching weekend workshops of a new practice called The Roots. The site describes the practice as an all-levels sequence comprising a lot of standing and balancing poses, hand-balances, thigh stretches, backbends, abdominal exercises, sitting forward bends, hip-openers, and twists. “When practiced as intended, The Roots helps to cultivate focus, stamina, determination, and self-forgiveness, along with many other desirable life qualities,” according the site, which also explains that The Roots was originally developed by Desi and Micah Springer in 2004 and modified by Friend.

From the site’s homepage:

“In October I return to public teaching with a refreshed view and rededication to healing through disciplined practice. I have spent this year in deep, humbled self-reflection, which has led me to realigning with principles of inner harmony, individual accountability, and open-hearted service to the whole.”