Unf’withable: A Two-Hour Yoga Playlist to Empower Yourself

DJ Taz Rashid created this playlist for Kathryn Budig's class, UnF'withable. Play it at home when you need a good sweat and rock-solid self-acceptance.

When you want authenticity and confidence to radiate from within, press play on this Spotify playlist from DJ Taz Rashid. He will be back in Kathryn Budig’s classroom at YJ LIVE New York, April 21–24, spinning The Hero’s Journey. Plus, don’t miss his free onsite workshop, My Best Playlist. Sign up before spots fill up!

This mega-playlist from DJ Taz Rashid comes with a backstory born in Kathryn Budig‘s cabin-like classroom at YJ LIVE Estes Park last September. In preparation for spinning Budig’s class, Rashid had prepared a two-hour playlist based on her class description, “a downtempo practice set to bluesy tunes.”

There was one problem: That description, actually meant for Gina Caputo’s session, was wrong.

Budig’s class, “Unf’withable”—an empowering, strong flow with challenging postures to transcend expectations and drama—needed strong beats to set up a for good sweat and rock-solid self-acceptance. So, Rashid, a producer and playlist pro who throws down live tracks for teachers like Shiva Rea, Janet Stone, and Elena Brower, curated a new one on the spot. “I just had to leave a few bluesy soul tracks in there because of what happened, and it turned out to be such a juicy playlist,” Rashid says. “The class got a little wild with Kathryn Budig’s wisdom, the power sequencing, and my dancey music.”

Want a piece of that? Download the free Spotify software, get on your mat, and press play.

Two-hour playlist for all-out empowerment

1. “Infinite Possibilities,” Ingmarlo
2. “Building Waves,” DJ Taz Rashid
3. “Native Spirit,” DJ Taz Rashid, Srikology
4. “Dream On,” Aerosmith
5. “Dub Warriors,” DJ Taz Rashid, Srikology
6. “Ain’t No Sunshine,” The Soul Fantastics
7. “Blues Soup,” Monetrik
8. “Hypnotize,” The Notorious B.I.G.
9. “Burn,” Ellie Goulding
10. “Being of Love (Instrumental),” DJ Taz Rashid
11. “Earthvibes (Hi-Vibe Remix),” DJ Taz Rashid
12. “Who – Radio Edit,” Tujamo, Plastik Funk
13. “A New Day,” Ingmarlo, DJ Taz Rashid
14. “Traveling Spirit,” DJ Taz Rashid, Srikology
15. “Chill Waves (Hi-Vibe Remix),” DJ Taz Rashid
16. “Drinkee,” Sofi Tukker
17. “Gratitude (Hi-Vibe Remix),” DJ Taz Rashid
18. “Etholodge,” DJ Taz Rashid
19. “Fine Corinthian Leather,” Charlie Hunter
20. “Sacred Sultry,” DJ Taz Rashid, Srikology
21. “Gooey,” Glass Animals
22. “Heart: Peace (Instrumental),” DJ Taz Rashid
23. “Under the Banyan Tree – D Major – Therapeutic Music,” DJ Taz Rashid, Ingmarlo

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