Yoga at the Mall

Department store J.C. Penney considers adding yoga to help boost the image of its store.

J.C. Penney might be the next unconventional place to offer yoga classes, according to a recent article in the Dallas Business Journal.


CEO Ron Johnson said yoga classes are among the changes that he hopes will transform the image of the store. Other changes will be wider aisles, couches, and coffee bars to draw in customers.

The mall-within-a-mall model is designed to boost sales and allow the department stores to offer a diverse selection. “In our new environment, there are no limits to the type of products we can carry,” Johnson said during the company’s second-quarter earnings presentation..

J.C. Penney isn’t the first retailer to offer yoga classes to bring in customers. Lululemon Athletica stores have been doing it for years. Fred Segal partnered with YogaPoser at the beginning of the year to offer yoga classes. Even bank branches are jumping on the yoga bandwagon.