Yoga Illustrated with New Poster

A couple from Portland, Oregon, create a new poster that illustrates yoga's deep roots and many branches.

Yoga is thousands of years old, and its history is a complex web with many traditions, teachers, and styles passed down through the generations that formed the multifacetedpractice we know today. But while it can be difficult to retain all the twists and turns along the way, understanding yoga’s roots can help us to connect more deeply with it.

That’s why Portland, Oregon, yoga teacher Karoline Neville-Hamilton and her husband, longtime practitioner Frank Neville-Hamilton, designed a poster that breaks down the complex history of yoga and illustrates it in a way they hope make it more clear.

“[We] wish there was a larger focus in popular culture on yoga as an entire practice. Meaning, it’s not just about exercise or stress-relief—there are principles in yoga for living a really good life,” Karoline Neville-Hamilton explains. “Being visual people, we wanted to create a map to help people discover yoga and all it offers more quickly and, help us find our way back to what we remember more easily.”

A Kickstarter campaign funded the project in just eight days, allowing the couple to create the poster, while donations are still being accepted to help offset printing costs. “We really got excited about the idea of this being a community project—we want people to feel some ownership in it,” Karoline says.

The Neville-Hamiltons, who also help social organizations and nonprofits leverage technology to aide in their missions, plan to donate part of their proceeds from the poster sales to a yoga-related non-profit.

For more information about the project, visit the Yoga Poster Kickstarter page.