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An Asana Practice to Cultivate Patience

As the shutdown and quarantine carry on, all we need is just a little patience. This gentle 30-minute sequence can help you slow down and enjoy stillness.

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Try This Sequence to Tap Into Your Creative Side

Yoga teacher and clinical psychologist Dr. Melody Moore offers a 50-minute video practice for clarifying your intentions, standing in your power, and seeing things in a new light.

75-Minute Heart-Opening Forrest Flow

75-Minute Heart-Opening Forrest Flow

This 75-minute, heart-opening, back-bending Forrest Yoga sequence will keep your spine healthy and your heart open.


Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body with this Flow Sequence

Yoga Teacher Jordan Smiley shares a 20-minute sequence that helps you get in touch with the wisdom of your body.


This Yoga Sequence for Fixing Text Neck Will Save Your Posture

This 20-minute Iyengar Yoga sequence will help you strengthen you core, reset your posture, and mitigate the effects of computer and smartphone use.


Jivana Heyman is Making Yoga Accessible To Everyone

Yoga is for everyone. Learn more about Heyman's mission here.

DJ Townsel in a Lunge

This Lunging Drill Will Power Up Your Practice

Build leg strength and mental resilience with this 7-minute exercise from yoga teacher Derrick "DJ" Townsel.


A Gentle Seated Practice to Shift Your Perspective

Use this short, feel-good sequence when your day could use a dose of positivity – fast.

yoga sequence for sickness or illness

Try This 20-Minute Sequence the Next Time You're Recovering from Sickness

Move your body slowly and find stillness with Rina Deshpande.


CBD Skincare Roundup

Contributor Jennifer Davis-Flynn discusses her favorite CBD skincare products.

Hand Yoga for Arthritis and Joint Pain with Ann Swanson

A 5-Minute Mudra Practice for Easing Wrist Pain

Find joint pain relief with these hand gestures—perfect if you are at a keyboard all day or working with arthritis.

Why You Shouldn't Hug Your Knees Into Your Chest After a Backbend Practice

Why You Shouldn't Hug Your Knees Into Your Chest After a Backbend Practice

We know, we know—it feels so good! But here's what you can try instead for optimal back health.

Derrick "DJ" Townsel

What Truly Inspires Yoga Teacher DJ Townsel

The former NFL athlete has uplifted fans and students with his story. Now he shares what lights him up.

DJ Townsel Explosive Lunge Jump

Fire Up Your Full Body with This Progressive 20-Minute Practice

Looking to build physical *and* mental resilience? Get on your mat...

DJ Townsel in a Pistol Squat

This Is What Surprises People Most About Me

The yoga teacher and former NFL athlete shares a not-so-secret secret, and it's incredibly endearing.

DJ Townsel smiling

Yoga Teacher DJ Townsel Doesn't Want to Be a Trailblazer

The former NFL athlete opens up on reinventing stereotypes and what he *does* wish for the yoga community.

Rina Jakubowicz in Boat Pose

Tend to React to Tough Situations Without Thinking?

You need to try this Boat Pose mini-practice from yoga teacher Rina Jakubowicz. It will strengthen your "witness" mind.

Rina Jakubowicz in Pigeon Pose

Find the Deeper Meaning of Ahimsa Through a Pigeon Pose Mini-Practice

Learn to recognize the subtle ways you may be causing harm by taking personal inventory and holding yourself accountable.

Rina Jakubowicz svadharma

Are Your Actions Aligned with Your True Nature? This Writing Practice May Offer a Clue

Are you living your truth—or what everyone else wants you to be?

Rina Jakubowicz

Why Asana Isn't the *Only* Path of Yoga

Get to know the other ways to find your true Self, according to the ancient scriptures of Vedanta, the philosophical foundation of Hinduism.

Rina Jakubowicz Intellect

How to Take Action in Your Life Using Your Divine Wisdom

Yoga teacher Rina Jakubowicz shares why you should be developing your intellect versus acting from your ego or emotional impulse.

Rina Jakubowicz

3 Tips to Thread Yoga Philosophy Into Your Classes

Elevate the practice for your students, so they find purpose and meaning beyond the physical plane.

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A Simple Ayurvedic Routine to Balance Vata

Learn how you can create your own Ayurvedic massage oil that's both grounding and calming.

Focused Vinyasa: A Sequence for Lower-Body Strength

Try This Vinyasa Yoga Practice for Lower-Body Strength

Get ready for a creative sequence of squats and leg lifts...

10 Remarkable Yoga Service Organizations

10 Remarkable Yoga Service Organizations

10 exemplary organizations that are making bold strides in their communities.

I Followed an Ayurvedic, Dosha-Balancing Diet for a Week

YJ Tried It: I Followed an Ayurvedic, Dosha-Balancing Diet for a Week

Yoga Journal video contributor Sky Cowans tries following an Ayurvedic nutrition plan based on her dosha (mind-body type).

what does anjali mudra really mean?

Let's Break Down What Anjali Mudra Actually Means in Yoga

When we place our hands together at heart center and say, "namaste", what are we really saying? Rina Deshpande explains.

"I Tried the Wim Hof Method and My Yoga Practice Helped Me Through It"

YJ Tried It: My Yoga Practice Helped Me Through Using the Wim Hof Method

Yoga Journal video contributor Sky Cowans discusses her experience trying the Wim Hof Method and how it relates to yoga and mindfulness.