Guided Meditation

This 6-Minute Sound Bath Is About to Change Your Day for the Better

Trust us: You’re going to want to lie down, close your eyes, and listen to this beautiful music as soon as possible.

Ever wondered what a sound bath is like? Meet Aya and Tyler, who perform live electronic meditation concerts around the world.

They record live loops, layering instruments, percussion, and Aya’s angelic vocals into a supremely soothing soundscape that invites each listener to experience his or her true nature. Fusing English lyrics with sacred mantras, elements of jazz and electronica with soul and R&B, and shamanic rhythms with indigenous instruments, Aya and Tyler—who’ve collaborated Sade, Lenny Kravitz, Deepak Chopra, Kripalu, Yoga Journal, and Wanderlust Festivals—create an accessible experience of meditation through the power of music.

Aya started singing when she was 4 years old—before she even knew it was called singing—and the spiritual, soulful music she sings now makes sense considering she was raised in a lineage of healing arts. 

“My mother is a Chinese Tai Chi and Qi Gong master who led musically-guided classes,” says Aya. “So, I witnessed the power of music as a journey and the profound impact it had on people.”

Then, the unthinkable happened: Aya lost her voice completely­, and underwent vocal surgery. “I wasn’t sure if I’d ever sing again,” she says. “That’s when I became more serious about starting this music. After losing something so precious that I always had, I wanted to give back and help others with my music.”

Soon after she made a full recovery, Aya met her music partner, Tyler, who was already playing sound baths and yoga events in New York City. 

As you listen to this music, don’t be afraid to join in. “I believe that everyone can sing,” says Aya. “There’s a saying in Africa that I love: ‘If you can walk, you can dance; if you can talk, you can sing.’ I’m a strong believer that singing is our birth right, and we can all do it easily and effortlessly.” 

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