How-To Yoga Videos

Bound Angle (Baddha Konasana)

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  1. Begin in Dandasana, pressing forward with the big toe mounds, spinning the inner thighs down and rooting down with the femurs
  2. Use the foot and leg actions to get directly on top of the sitting bones, rather than falling behind them
  3. Move the sacrum in and up towards the navel and extend the sternum away from the navel to lengthen the front body
  4. Feel the pubis and tailbone dropping equally towards the floor –the bowl of the pelvis is upright, neither spilling forward nor spilling back
  5. Maintaining this pelvis, draw the feet towards the groin, bringing the soles of the feet together and allowing the knees to fall open to the sides
  6. Notice the effect on the pelvis; sometimes drawing the feet back causes the pelvis to spill back
  7. Rock the pelvis forward, engaging the back muscles to move the length of the spine forward and up
  8. Press the shoulder blades against the upper back to open the chest
  9. Clasp a hold of the ankles to emphasize the lift along the torso
  10. Open the soles of the feet as if opening the pages of a book; allow the knees
  11. Hold for anywhere from 10 breaths to 2 minutes, then release