How-To Yoga Videos

Headstand (Salamba Sirsasana)

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  1. Begin sitting back on heels with mat at the wall
  2. Interlace fingers up to the webbing, tucking the bottom pinky inside to create a flush surface with the outer hands
  3. Place the hands and forearms on the mat with the elbows slightly narrower than shoulder width
  4. Place the crown of the head on the mat with the back of the head inside the hands
  5. Make sure the head placement does not knock the hands open –the thumbs should be touching to ensure that the outer wrists press firmly into the ground
  6. Tuck the toes under and lift the hips, walking in until the spine makes contact with the wall
  7. Pinning the elbows into the midline, root down from wrist to elbow to rebound the shoulders away from the ears
  8. Bending the knees, lift the feet towards the buttocks and then take them to the wall
  9. Climb the heels up the wall until the legs are straight
  10. Spin the inner thighs towards the wall and take the flesh of the buttocks towards the heels
  11. Hold for anywhere from 10 breaths to 2 minutes
  12. To exit, slide the feet down the wall, continuing to root down with the forearms to maintain the lift in the shoulders
  13. Keeping the knees and feet together, slowly descend the knees towards the ribcage and then the feet to the floor
  14. Come directly into Child’s Pose