How One Yoga Teacher Made His Dream Come True with Business of Yoga

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WATCH IT: The story of Happy Jack, and how he got the tools he needed to refine and grow his yoga business. Are you next?

If you own a yoga business, or want to start one, you know it’s tough to find the right training programs to get it off the ground. Should a yoga teacher invest in social media, marketing, website, or sales training? And, what is the right order? Does it make sense to build a website first and then figure out the rest? These are great questions and we have answers, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money on trainings that won’t give you real results.

The Business of Yoga, presented by Yoga Journal, is an online training course leading to an in-person event, and is designed to help teachers and studio owners navigate every aspect of their business. You’ll learn to prioritize projects appropriately to grow your business, and get tangible tools — designed for teachers — that you can implement in your every day business operations.

If you’d like to…

– Quit your day job and create a successful career in yoga
– See your retreats and workshops sell out
– Create a solid business strategy that will give you substantial financial freedom
– Have the right tools to build your brand online and in-person
– Build the confidence you need around social media, marketing and sales

…then the Business of Yoga Online Course and In-Person Bootcamp are right for you. Join us for the next Business of Yoga Bootcamp at Yoga Journal LIVE in San Diego, June 22-24. Only 15 spots available. Click here to apply now!

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