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How to Cross-Train for Chaturanga: Chest Press

Do you have the upper body strength Chaturanga requires? According to this calculation, you need to be able to bench-press 56 percent of your body weight to do a push-up with good form. For Chaturanga, you need that strength specifically in the smaller muscles, like the triceps and anterior deltoids, instead of the larger and stronger pectoralis major muscle, because the narrower position of the arms shifts the load. The best way to build this strength is using external load, like a chest press machine at a gym.

One tip: Use enough weight. The most common mistake people make is practicing too many reps without enough weight, in order to feel the burn, trainer Andrew Serrano says. Rather than focusing on sensation, choose a challenging weight—one where you can do 5 to 6 reps with good form but not many more.

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