Feeling Congested? This Fiery Flow Dissolves Stagnation in the Mind and Body

Craving change but feeling too stuck, sluggish, or restless to take aim? Join John Douillard, founder of LifeSpa.com, and Larissa Hall Carlson, Ayurveda Yoga Specialist, for Ayurveda 201: Six Weeks to Transformation and Bliss Through Ayurvedic Psychology. In this new online course, you’ll experience: unique yoga practices; inspiring discussions backed by science; and recipes, herbs, and a short, gentle cleanse. The results? Clarity, brilliance, and balance so you can create lasting shifts in your life and well-being. Learn more and sign up today!

Nothing stifles the spark of motivation or the glow of contentment quite like the weight of stagnation. In Ayurveda, this aspect of the emotional body is called tamas, a dark, heavy inertia that bogs you down at every turn. But there are ways to free your mind and body and find a more sattvic (pure, clear) state. Here, Larissa Hall Carlson, who co-created our upcoming course Ayurveda 201, shares a movement practice that will cut through the stagnation and restore a sense of ease, peace, and radiance. 

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