How-To Yoga Videos

Extended Triangle Pose Cues

  1. Begin facing the long side of the mat, arms stretched out to the sides with the feet parallel to each other and beneath the wrists
  2. From deep within the right hip socket externally rotate the right thigh so the foot is parallel to the long side of the mat
  3. Turn the left toes slightly towards the right foot so the left foot forms a 60-degree angle
  4. Line up the right heel with the left inner arch
  5. Engage the quadriceps without locking the knees; kneecaps should align with the second toe of each foot
  6. Use an inhale to lengthen the spine and on an exhale reach out and up to the right to lengthen the right waist, then release the right hand to the floor or a block behind the right shin
  7. Stack the left hand directly above the right so the arms form a straight line
  8. Keeping the two sides of the neck equally long, turn the head and take the gaze to the left thumb
  9. Rooting down with the right big toe mound, direct the right sitting bone to the left heel to lengthen the right waist
  10. Simultaneously firm the left outer hip into the midline and press the left femur back
  11. With each inhale find more length along the spine; with each exhale revolve around that length
  12. Spin the right ribs forward and the left ribs back
  13. Firm the right buttock forward and under while pressing the left thigh bone back
  14. Hold for 5 to10 breaths
  15. To exit, root down through the feet on the final exhale; on the next inhale use the strength of the legs to raise the torso and return the feet to parallel
  16. Repeat on the other side