How-To Yoga Videos

Garland Pose (Malasana)

  1. Begin in Tadasana with your big toes touching and a very small amount of space between your heels
  2. Spin your inner thighs back while gently releasing the flesh of your buttocks towards your heels
  3. Extend your sternum away from your navel and broaden across your collarbones
  4. Inhale, come into Utkatasana, energetically reaching your fingertips to the ceiling to lengthen your torso while bending your knees and descending your tailbone
  5. Press your shins back to bring more weight into your heels
  6. Inhale, use your arms to find any amount more length along the side body
  7. Exhale, separate your knees while bending deeper and pulling your palms down in front of your heart
  8. Lower your buttocks towards your heels, allowing your pelvis to gently spill backwards and directing your tailbone towards the floor
  9. Simultaneously extend your sternum forward and up and broaden across your collarbones, just as in Tadasana
  10. Tilt your torso forward and nestle the sides of your body between your inner thighs, gently pinning your knees in to hug your outer shoulders
  11. Press your palms together in Anjali Mudra to emphasize the openness of your chest and the lift of your heart
  12. Hold for 10-12 breaths, then place your palms down in front of your feet and press into Uttanasana