How-To Yoga Videos

Happy Baby Pose (Anadnda Balasana)

  1. Begin on the back in Apanasana with the knees drawn into the chest
  2. Raise the heels towardsthe ceiling and clasp the outer feet with the hands
  3. Have the feet a little wider than hips distance apart and the soles of the feet parallel to the ceiling,
  4. With the shins perpendicular to the floor and the hips grounded, pull down on the feet to draw the knees towards the armpits
  5. Keep the shoulders releasing back against the floor so the chest remains broad and open
  6. Gently rock the pelvis forward, directing the tailbone towards the floor to deepen the stretch in the hips· Maintain the natural curve of the neck, placing the head so the chin and forehead are equidistant from the ceiling
  7. Hold for 10-12 breaths, then release back to Apanasana