Yoga Sequences

This Ayurveda-Inspired Sequence Will Help You Find Balance as Temperatures Rise

When summer’s heat amps up, yoga moves that soothe and calm can help you balance your body and mind. Flushed skin, excess sweating, a quick temper, and thirst imply an imbalance of your pitta dosha, the fiery energy that regulates your internal heat and metabolism.

Heated yoga spaces and athletic flows stimulate your fire element—which can leave you feeling lightheaded, overheated, and drained during the hotter months. Yoga teacher Robin Wilner shares a wave-like sequence she designed to open the water and air elements that reside in your pelvis and heart channels and soothe the excess warmth that can build in your solar plexus. 

Melt into each posture for several breaths. Once you’re comfortable with each pose on its own, practice moving freely from one to the next until it feels almost like a dance. As you find your flow state, your body and mind will ease and restore to a place of balance. You can flow through both sides a couple of times.

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