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Master Class: Find Calm in 60 Seconds with This Guided Grounding Practice

Nothing drains your sense of peace and drags you off-kilter like a jittery mind on overdrive. Want to get unstuck and quit dwelling on the why? Colleen Saidman Yee personally turns to this one-minute antidote when anxiety takes over. Here, get a taste of Saidman Yee’s Master Class with a brief yet powerful practice that brings you squarely back to center—and you can do it anywhere. Tip: Taking off your shoes and socks before you begin goes a long way in feeling grounded.

Yoga Journal’s Master Class program brings you the wisdom of nine world-renowned teachers through a new online workshop and live lesson every six weeks. In Colleen Saidman Yee’s workshop, Yoga for Emotional Balance, you’ll discover effective movement, restorative, and breathing practices for various states of mind. This isn’t about “hacking” your mood; you’ll learn enduring tools to dive underneath stress, anxiety, sadness, pressure, feelings of inadequacy, and more—so you can always find and reveal the true you. Sign up today